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Our responsibility towards you
Buenos Aires Tours, BAT, will arrange all transportation, baggage handling, and any other independent services in order to meet and exceed your expectations We exercise due care in selecting these companies and pay particular attention to their reputation and reliability But BAT has no direct or indirect control over these suppliers, and thus it cannot be held responsible for their performance or lack thereof.

Buenos Aires Tours and/or its suppliers cannot assume liability for any loss, damage, or injury of any nature, in whole or in part, resulting from an act of God or any other force majeure circumstances. All bookings made on your behalf are subject to the terms and conditions, as well as limitations of liability imposed by these service providers. Buenos Aires Tours is not liable for any injury, expense, or costs arising from any service or excursion provided by a third party.

Your responsibility
It is the client’s responsibility to obtain all documentation required for travel and to ensure that these are in proper condition and are legally valid. It is the client’s responsibility to request any pertinent information about legal entry into the aforementioned countries before traveling. It is the client’s responsibility to review any and all personal and health insurance policies to ensure appropriate coverage for all members of the traveling party. The client is responsible for arriving on-time for any reservations or bookings. Any loss of property, illness, or modification of travel services are the client’s responsibility. As with any travel, flight times are subject to change. Though we try to keep the client informed, it is the client’s responsibility to inquire about any changes at least twenty-four hours before departure.

Tourism is an unpredictable industry susceptible to external forces beyond the control of its suppliers. The unexpected often goes hand-in-hand with traveling, and can be a minor inconvenience or a serious one.

Every transportation company, service, supplier, or hotel has its own regulations concerning “no-shows.” We observe the regulations and policies of all our transportation, lodging, and recreational services in case of no-shows or cancellations. We strongly recommend that you obtain travel Insurance, especially if cruises or expensive programs are included in your itinerary.

We ask that our clients maintain communication with transportation providers. We decline any responsibility for delays or cancellations, as the ticket issued is a contract between the passenger and carrier. Please note that airlines, bus tours, and cruises in case of a cancellation do not refund any packages set with third parties. Any airline ticket refunds due to a company cancellation or the clients will go through the airlines, themselves. It is the same company the one that refunds the amount to the original credit card used for the payment.

The BAT fee in the event of cancelling the entire trip should be honoured.

You will incur additional fees for changing the dates of a set itinerary, which will vary according to each circumstance and service provider. BAT will make every possible effort to adjust the itinerary to meet your needs; however, know that not all hotels can guarantee vacancy, and that some charges might be levied as a result of the changes.




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