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Our planning and your trip

From the moment the client decides to use our services, we will begin to plan their personalized vacation, keeping in contact throughout with updated information, until he or she steps foot on the plane. We will work out all the important details, including length of the trip, age-appropriate activities and travel considerations, interests, and budget concerts. We will then carefully compile this “jigsaw puzzle,” leaving ample time to discuss each of the destinations and services with our client. Only after thoroughly reviewing the itinerary with our client, will we consider the arrangements to be complete. And for those who prefer a multi-destination vacation, we will coordinate all juggling of transportation, lodging, and activities, in the various stops along the way. Unlike "travel package" agencies, we will provide you with all estimates before we book your vacation. Please note: We ask that you allow us some days to accurately price out your travel requests, so as to give you a more accurate estimate.

Travel Considerations

Transportation: We will provide you with an up-front estimate for all suggested services and transportation.

Accommodation: Whether deciding on a 5-star luxury resort or a 3-star modestly-priced hotel, we will work directly with our clients to provide them with the best accommodations according to their specifications and budget.

Services: We will work directly with local travel tours, and suggest different ways to save money along the way. We’ll highlight the most popular activities and “must see” destinations, and provide our client with all the information needed for the “living-like-a-local” experience.

Activities: For a quality vacation, it is necessary pre-plan any activities, entertainment, and tours, just as you would your transportation and lodging. That saves your time once in the city and guarantees a better service provider.

Payment: Airline tickets generally require payment upon receipt or have a specific payment deadline; therefore, you will be required to provide credit card information up front. Accommodations and services are prepaid with a credit card, as well. Please note that there may be a 5% charge imposed by the bank or credit card company. In some cases, a letter of authorization will be issued to the card’s owner, from the payee, before any payments are made. If lodging a particular service does not work with credit cards, we will find the way to provide you with a safe reservation option.

Pricing: All paid services will be broken down in the itinerary. Hotels, sightseeing tours, and excursions, as well as airport shuttles, will come with detailed vouchers for easy reference. All contact information for service providers will be available in these vouchers, as well.

Prices do not include: Extras, drinks, meals on route, entrance fees to parks, museums fees and reservations, gratuities, medical services, excess/overweight baggage fees, service charges, other taxes, nor any other service not indicated in the respective vouchers. Prices also do not include additional expenses or damages resulting from cancellations, delays in departures of airline or other modes of transportation, or for any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.




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    Isabel, you are an extraordinary travel agent, such a pleasure to work with, and I cannot stress that enough

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