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One week in Argentina

Buenos Aires City - 2 days
One of the most attractive cities in Latin America, Buenos Aires boasts Parisian-style tree-lined avenues, quaint cafes, and breathtaking architecture, as well as the brightly-colored La Boca neighborhood, bohemian San Telmo--home to the best tango shows in town--the upscale Recoleta area with its well-known historical cemetery, and the lively and trendy Palermo barrio.

Iguazú Falls - 2 days
This wonder of the world features 275 waterfalls plunging over a cliff 80m high and 3km wide, near the border between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. Its subtropical reserve displays an abundance of wildlife. The most breathtaking spot is the Devil's Throat where 14 falls combine to form the world's most powerful single waterfall.

Calafate - 3 days
Perito Moreno, one of the last advancing glaciers in the world, offers an entrancing experience as visitors can actually view the crumbling ice as it crashes into the lake. An unforgettable experience, including mini-trekking on the ice and a full day’s navigation in the glaciers.



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